Claudio Bravo may not be playing for Manchester City a lot, but it doesn’t mean he will be out of the media headlines.

For the past week, we’ve been covering all of the controversy around his return to the Chilean national team, since some players apparently didn’t like his attitude.

And now, as reported in Spain, the 36-year-old has lost a legal battle against his former club Real Sociedad.

According to Diario Vasco, the player had sued the La Liga side for part of the money from the transfer to Barcelona back in 2014.

It’s claimed that when leaving Real Sociedad, Bravo gave up on his right to get 10% of a transfer. That convinced the club to make his departure to Barcelona easier.

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But he later understood that workers shouldn’t give up on their rights, and sued the club, trying to get €1.3m from them.

Real Sociedad were ‘surprised’ with the action from the now Manchester City player, but have been beating him in court since then. Now in his last shot after an appeal with the Catalan Superior Autonomous Court and the Supreme Court, the club been given the victory once again.