Already constantly talking about Claudio Bravo’s controversies while he’s sat on Manchester City’s bench during the season, the Chilean media go much bigger when the goalkeeper returns to his home country for his vacations.

The fact that the 36-year-old has been left out of the Copa America squad has been commented on a lot in the local press this week, and now, El Mercurio brings a story saying he didn’t understand the reason for it.

When leaving Bravo out of the squad, manager Reinaldo Rueda claimed it ‘wouldn’t be fair’ to have a player of such experience concentrated for so long and then be on the bench, since he’s in no condition to play.

But El Mercurio comes up with a different version of the story, saying that when they met in Manchester, Bravo said he wanted to be part of the squad, regardless of being on the bench or not.

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“He made it clear that he wanted to be in the Copa América in any way”, a source told El Mercurio.

But people from the national team have told the newspaper the real reason why Bravo was left out.

It was his fight against Arturo Vidal.

“Neither wants to give up his role as a reference and Rueda, as he knew that Bravo wasn’t there to play, preferred to avoid an extra problem”.

So it looks like Bravo’s issues with his teammates are still to be resolved.