Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to officially announce the opening of the 2019 summer transfer window.

You see, these days, it never really feels like silly season until we get our first serious story linking Isco to Manchester City, and by serious, we mean one of the more respected outlets in Spain.

Sport are the culprits on Tuesday, explaining that three clubs (the aforementioned Cityzens, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain) are waiting for Real Madrid to make a final decision on the Spain international’s future.

The Red Devils, Manchester City and the Ligue 1 champions would ‘love’ to make use of the 27-year-old’s services next season, and are simply looking at the red light, hoping it turns green soon to make their move.

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Real Madrid ‘don’t want’ Isco to continue at the club for two reasons: he’s become a ‘controversial’ player and they see him as a great alternative to balance their books as they look to make moves on the upcoming transfer market.

Zidane is said to ‘expect’ the midfielder to stay, but there’s a feeling at the club his and Gareth Bale’s departure would ‘strengthen the unit’, with the pair seen as ‘free spirits’ who have just ‘passed through’ the dressing room without ever really integrating it.

No fee is mentioned, and we doubt one will until Real Madrid make that final decision clubs are waiting for.

Whether Manchester United need someone like Isco remains a debate for fans to have between themselves, and you would think the former Malaga starlet would be far better suited for Pep Guardiola at the Etihad.

Then again, we all know Ed Woodward loves a big name signing here and there.