Manchester City and Manchester United are expected to undergo a ‘bidding war’ for Erling Haaland next summer, with Bayern Munich pretty much out of the race.

That’s according to Sport 1, who cover the situation around Haaland and the ‘horrendous’ figures needed to secure his signature.

They say that Bayern have ‘no chance’ of signing Haaland next summer as all in it would cost them around €300m in fees.

Haaland, of course, is available for €75m next summer, although according to Sport 1’s information, that can rise to around €90m with bonuses.

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That, coupled with Haaland’s wage demands, which Sport 1 say Raiola has set at €50m gross and €24m net, plus €40m in fees for himself, would see Bayern having to put up a package of well over €300m on a four-year contract.

That’s a figure they definitely can’t afford, as they’d have to ‘completely blow up’ their wage structure to sign the striker and open the door for other players to demand similar figures in future.

Basically, it’s a ‘horrendous’ figure they simply can’t afford, and that leaves the door open for Manchester City and Manchester United.

They are among the only candidates who can afford such a deal, with Paris Saint Germain also thrown into the mix.

Haaland himself ‘seems to be leaning’ towards England rather than France, and so ‘a bidding war’ is now ‘on the horizon’ between Manchester City and Manchester United, with Bayern just ‘astonished observers’ as Pep Guardiola and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could go to battle for the Norwegian.