The rumours about Everton Cebolinha’s departure from Grêmio won’t stop, just like Manchester City continuing to be named as the favourites to land the player.

Several stories in Brazil today are about the quotes from the Grêmio president Romildo Bolzan Jr. At an event on Monday night, he claimed that he’ll make sure Everton becomes the biggest sale the club has ever made.

“My wish is for him to stay. But I’ve never lived a moment like this. Because Grêmio’s fans are already used to the idea of selling him,” said Bolzan (via Globo Esporte).

“Do you know what the big debate is about this business? How much will Grêmio make… I’m going to put my finger on the buyer’s weak spot and I’m going to make the biggest Grêmio deal of all time.”

Given the several stories about the player lately, Globo Esporte have published an FAQ article on their website, explaining all the details of a possible transfer.

Regarding who would take Everton, they only have the information about Manchester City. They repeat that the Premier League side have been scouting the player for a long time and they consider him to be too good to stay in South America.

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Then Globo Esporte says Milan, PSG and Bayern Munich have all been linked by the international press, but their own information is only about Manchester City.

Regarding the price, since the club president said Everton would be Grêmio’s biggest sale, they recall that Arthur has been sold to Barcelona in a €31m deal, with another €9m possible in bonuses.

Since Grêmio have been claiming that Everton is only leaving for at least €40m, which is half of his €80m release clause, it all makes sense.