It seems there has been some communication issues between Romelu Lukaku and the rest of the Belgium squad, because they don’t believe his stance on his international retirement one bit.

The Manchester United striker stated a month or so ago that he was considering hanging up his Belgian boots after Euro 2020 to let the next generation take over, and it seems like he really meant it.

After scoring two goals on Tuesday night in a 3-0 win over Iceland, the 25-year-old stood his ground when asked about it again, saying “I said what I said”.

However, Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany isn’t having any of this, telling Sporza he feels Lukaku’s statement about retirement was ‘a joke’.

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Relayed by Walfoot, he continued: “Don’t worry about it. If Romelu stops, I’ll go to his house in Manchester to bring him to Brussels. I don’t live that far from him.”

More seriously, he then added: “We speak to the press a lot, and sometimes it can happen that we make small mistakes.”

Whether this is an intentional denial or just the Manchester City captain trying to lighten the mood over his national teammate’s future, we’ll have to see, but he isn’t the only one to feel like this.

Back towards the end of August, Kevin Mirallas, who played with Lukaku at Everton prior to the Manchester United transfer, said he ‘didn’t believe for one second’ the Red Devil would stop after the 2020 Euros.