Daniel Levy September 14thWhen Daniel Levy goes to work with a French club, he really goes to work. The Tottenham chief has a fearsome reputation throughout football, but it’s more pronounced in France than anywhere else.

It’s perhaps because club presidents in French football are far more publicly involved than those in similar positions at English clubs, and it’s also probably due to some notorious (as far as the French are concerned) transfer deals in recent years.

When Tottenham bought Hugo Lloris from Lyon, it saw Levy come up against Jean-Michel Aulas, himself with quite the reputation, but with a more positive slant.

After Tottenham had, as the French see it, made the Lloris transfer as stressful as possible, the club then had the audacity to not put him straight into the team. Many in the French media were absolutely furious at the club.

Then there’s the Georges-Kévin N’Koudou and Clinton N’Jie transfers this year. N’Koudou seemed to spend half the summer in a London hotel room, and there were claims in France that it was because Levy was moving the goalposts and putting pressure on Marseille to drop their price.

As part of a Wednesday article on Levy’s role at Tottenham, L’Equipe quite an unnamed boss at a Ligue 1 club saying: “Every time you think there’s a breakthrough, but he eventually backtracks, it makes you mad.”

Same time next summer then?