Finding the back of the net four times in three games, Cristiano Ronaldo has ensured his return to Manchester United has gone noticed.

Finding the back of the net twice on his second debut against Newcastle United, the Portuguese superstar set the tone for what was to come, with another goal against Young Boys and the opener against West Ham at the weekend following soon after.

Returning to his former club could have been a dangerous move from Ronaldo, but it appears he’s intent on showing the world it’s exactly what he wanted and needed at this stage in his career, and his audacity has pleased more than one football aficionado.

Among those is Lothar Matthaus, who commented on Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United during the Facchetti Awards, relayed by BeIN Sports.

The 1990 World Cup winner said: “I appreciate the signing of Ronaldo to Manchester United because he didn’t choose the easy option. He’s playing now in the best league in the world. He’s scored four goals in three games. I understand him and he made the right choice”.

The 36-year-old signed from Juventus for two years in a deal of around €15m up front, and his latest goals have taken his Manchester United tally to 122 in 295 games, but he is yet to add to his 69 assists.

Plenty of time for that to happen, however.