ESPN Brasil TV show Resenha aired an episode with Willian this Sunday. The player had some funny stories to tell which we covered in other articles, such as when he revealed some of José Mourinho’s rants during his time in charge of Chelsea. 

Another story told by the player was about when he completed his move from Russian side Anzhi to the Blues back in 2013.

As we all remember, Willian was pretty close to joining Tottenham Hotspur, and changed his mind when he was already at the club’s training centre.

Now he claims that his intention had always been to move to the Stamford Bridge, but the offer from the Blues was only made when he was about to sign for Tottenham.

“I said oh, I’m going to sign with Tottenham, anyway, there’s no other option. You know my objective was to go to Chelsea, but since Chelsea don’t want, then we’re going to Tottenham.”

“Then we’re going in the van, on the way, get to the training centre, Kia, my agent, is already down there, waiting. I thought it was weird, he was already at the door.

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“Then I got out of the van, he said, ‘we have problems’. I said ‘oh, what happened?’ Then he ‘Chelsea made an offer’. I said, ‘So make do, I’ll get back in the van, you’ll make do and I’ll go to Chelsea, I will not sign with Tottenham.’

“I stayed there for eight hours in the training centre. Tottenham’s director said ‘I’m going to report you to FIFA, this and that, fans here in England will boo you, this and that’. They made up a lot of things. I got stuck there for eight hours. Then I left and I went straight to meet the Chelsea people to sort the details and sign.”

Willian’s time at Chelsea hasn’t worked out too bad and he probably feels he made the right decision, even if Spurs were understandably annoyed with the Brazilian at the time.

Despite reports he could be leaving Stamford Bridge this summer, the player insists he’s happy where he is and isn’t looking for a transfer.