Christian Kabasele is perhaps having the season of his life so far.

Expected by many to be in the Belgium squad, and very deserving of it too, the Watford defender is growing in prominence.

This is going down really well in his own country, which would lead one to believe Kabasele is liked in the Belgian media, and it’s not surprising to see why given an interview he’s allowed HLN to conduct.

The 27 year old comes across as humble, non assuming and certainly not banged on the head by the football star stick. HLN start their take on the interview with a clear quote – “If I don’t feel good now, I’ll never be happy.” – which shows just what a good place the Watford player is in.

On whether he’s at the peak of his career so far, Kabasele said: “I think so. It used to be: ‘Kabasele is good against Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.’

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“With all due respect to those teams, I am also (good) in the big games, like Tottenham and Man United, that’s the barometer, and if you want to judge someone’s level in the Premier League, you have to go to those top matches.”

Despite Watford losing 2-1 to Manchester United, and Romelu Lukaku scoring one of the goals, Kabasele played well, and HLN go for some national team banter by asking: ‘Is Lukaku still in your pocket?’

Put in a corner, the defender edged his way out: “I’m not going to say anything about that. (Laughs) Except that it gives a lot of confidence if you’re good against Lukaku or Kane – they’re world level strikers. It’s not that I played bad matches last season, but I never reached this level.”