Now at Everton and one of the most prolific Premier League strikers, Romelu Lukaku’s time in England hasn’t always been glory and goals.

When he first arrived from Anderlecht at Chelsea, the young Belgian striker was blocked by some big names at the London club, and was eventually shipped out on loan to West Brom.

Showing the world he was capable of making it outside of Belgium, the player returned to his club, but once again faced the improbability of breaking into the Blues’ starting line up.

This led to another loan, this time to Everton, where, after a good season, he signed permanently for £30m, a club he has stayed at since 2014.

Speaking in an interview with SFR Sport in France, the Belgium international looked back at his time at Chelsea, and his relationship with José Mourinho.

He said: “[Chelsea] was the club I’d always wanted to play for. When I came back the second season, I thought I’d have a chance, but as I said, the manager is allowed to make his choices, and it’s up to us, the players, to show him he’s wrong.

“I waited three games, but I immediately felt the situation wouldn’t change, and since there was the World Cup in Brazil, I didn’t want to miss it, and that’s why I left.”

Asked by the interviewer, Mohamed Bouhafsi, if, after his loan spells, he was annoyed at José Mourinho for the choices he made, the player remained composed and professional.

He said: “No. As I said, he can make his choices. Now he might look and realise I can play at the top level if needed, but when we see each other, it’s always respectful, welcoming, and I know he likes me as a person. I respect him too, but at that time, he had a choice to make, and I respected it.”

The player then went on to explain that Mourinho also respected his decision to leave the club, and was even the first to send him a message, understanding why he did it and that he would follow his progress.

It might not have worked out for Lukaku at his dream club, but he’s making a name for himself elsewhere, and that’s all that matters in football.

Who knows? He might even get the opportunity to return to Chelsea one day…