Since his controversial statements on September 10, Lucas Moura had been pretty quiet about Brazilian politics.

As reported by UOL at the time, the winger got shielded by Tottenham Hotspur so he wouldn’t make any further comments on his support for presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Lucas Moura caused a big reaction from the Brazilian fans when declaring his vote for a right wing extremist who’s accused of homophobia, racism and sexism.

But after the match against Liverpool this weekend, the player decided to break the silence, and has talked to reporters about his views.

Speaking to Caio Carrieri from UOL, he’s explained why he’s speaking out before the elections: “Unfortunately I imagined it would have an exaggerated repercussion, with more attention than it should from get the media. Just wanted to position myself. Before being a football player, I’m a citizen and I have the right to worry about what’s going on my country.”

“I just civilly answered some questions that appeared on my Twitter, but unfortunately some people do not know how to respect a different opinion. Knowing to live with different opinions is part of democracy. I love my family and my friends, but I do not always agree with them.”

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Asked if he’d do that again, Moura told UOL: “With no problem at all. I’m no expert on the subject, I can talk and debate as far as I understand, civilized. Many attacked and I didn’t even answer those who did that, I talked to who was polite. I worry of having a better life in my country for everyone”.

“Back then, there were a lot of issues in my country and sometimes I felt bad for always being over the wall or being oblivious. We have to respect whoever wants to and who does not want to stand. Sometimes our fans want to know the opinion of their idols. With a different opinion, we can open someone’s mind.

“As a public person, that was my goal. I don’t have to talk only about football. I am Brazilian and I have family and friends in Brazil and I also worry about my country.”

With their first round scheduled for the first Sunday of October, the presidential elections in Brazil are affecting everything in the country, including football.

This Sunday, Palmeiras midfielder Felipe Melo dedicated a goal to “future president Jair Bolsonaro”. Meanwhile, Atlético-MG fans were caught signing “Hey Cruzeirense, be careful, Bolsonaro will kill f****ts” during the Belo Horizonte derby against Cruzeiro.

The club officially stated their repudiation against such acts.