Back in May, Belgian side Lommel were announced as the newest club to join the City Group, and would start exchanging players with others from the same network.

This summer, they received several players on loan, especially Manchester City, and that was probably the good side of that partnership.

But reading the Belgian press today, there’s actually a bit of an angry feeling regarding the future of one of their potential stars.

It was outlet Het Belang van Limburg who reported that Filip Krastev, who’s loaned by Lommel to Slavia Sofia until January after being bought for £2m, may not return to the club.

Since he’s doing pretty well in Bulgaria, City Group feel he should be sent to a bigger club within their mini-conglomerate, and there is a ‘very good chance’ he could end up at Troyes in France.

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That’s why Voebal Nieuws brings a headline saying ‘Manchester City will not send a purchase of millions to Lommel’, and sound pretty unsatisfied with that.

In a more direct attack to the City Group, the outlet writes ‘Krastev may be able to start in Ligue 1 next season and that will increase Krastev’s market value, which is most important for The City Football Group…’

So even though Lommel are probably happy with the players they now receive from Manchester City every summer, they should now know there’s a price to be paid for that.