On Wednesday morning, we covered the controversial interview given by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp to Brazilian outlet Esporte Interativo.

Quizzed about the situation of Fabinho as Brazilian manager Tite could miss him for the upcoming international break, the Reds boss claimed the player may not be missed at all, since he isn’t being used at the national team.

The quotes were heavily covered in Brazil, with quite a lot of people agreeing with Klopp, claiming that Fabinho should be more used by the yellow and green side.

But there were also those who didn’t like the statement, and UOL journalist Júlio Gomes was one of them. He brings a story today with a headline which says ‘Klopp’s kick to Tite was inelegant and unnecessary.’.

The author starts by saying that ‘everyone likes Klopp’ and ‘he’s the most wanted manager in the world’, and then claims the German boss also makes mistakes, and this was one of them.

He wonders if Fabinho prefers to take a ten-hours flight and stay with the national team for a week or stay alone at a gym in Liverpool while his teammates are on international duty. He also claims that Klopp would still complain in case the midfielder got used and ended up tired or injured.

Júlio Gomes calls the criticism ‘unreasonable’, and says the Reds’ manager could’ve been ‘more elegant’ in his answer.

Tite was later interviewed by Joven Pan, and when asked about the controversy, he had a quite generic answer for it.

“Klopp and I have the same thinking and the same scale of values. The health of athletes is essential. It is human. The use is secondary, just as sport is secondary when we talk about health, when we talk about people, when we talk about something that is bigger. We have this same idea and way of watching football.”