Liverpool hero Roberto Firmino has spoken to a couple of Brazilian outlets after last night’s 3-2 win over Paris Saint Germain for the Champions League.

Most of the questions from Brazilian reporters were about the recovery from the eye injury he suffered in the game against Tottenham on the weekend.

Speaking to Esporte Interativo, the player explained the winner goal’s celebration, where he covered his injuried eye with his hand.

“It was to show that I recovered 100% and thanks to God everything worked out”, Firmino told Esporte Interativo.

“It’s much better. The day that happened was an inexplicable pain. I’ve had a little luck, thank God, and I’m much better now. And as you saw there, I’m already ready to play.”

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Firmino has also spoken to Natali Gedra from ESPN Brasil, and responded to a few more questions about his eye.

“The play, seeing in the video like that, was very fast. You can’t tell that the finger got in the eye and it hurt. I was very lucky, thank God, that nothing happened. Three days later, then, I’m so much better. I can open my eyes, see well, thank God. And well recovered for the next game too.”

Asked if last night’s game was a proof that he’s seeing well, he said: “Yes. Yes. Well recovered. I took good care of myself, my family helped me a lot, and I’m very happy.”