Following Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Manchester United on Sunday, ESPN Brasil managed to speak to the two Brazilians who featured for the Reds.

Right after the game, they first spoke to Alisson, who ended up being one of the heroes of the match.

The goalkeeper made a save in the final minute and immediately gave an assist to Mohamed Salah. Following the goal, he ran to the opposite end so he could celebrate with his teammate.

“To be honest, my vision was well covered. I just saw Salah running and asking for the ball. The only thing I tried was to get it away of De Gea. And the ball ended up being perfect,” Alisson told ESPN Brasil. “He also carried it very well, finished very well. But the merit is in the whole team. A great job this afternoon, this night, I don’t know what it is here, for us to get the three points.”

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ESPN later spoke to Fabinho. The midfielder had a ligament injury back in November, and ended up missing the Club World Cup title during his recovery, a competition which is highly valued in Brazil.

After his 83 minutes against Manchester United, he talked about how good it felt to be back on the pitch.

“I was really looking forward to coming back. Some time ago I was doing the maths for when I was going to be available and I expected it to be in this game. So I’m happy to be back in a derby for all that this game represents for the fans and the club. It’s important to come back I was happy to play a few final minutes. It’s good for me, I worked well during the week and I’m very happy to be back.”

The Reds now prepare for a visit to the Molineux Stadium, as they face Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League on Thursday. Unbeaten so far this season, the longer Liverpool can keep that run going, the more talk will come about them potentially going through the league campaign without a loss.