Liverpool are already watching Jude Bellingham’s development ‘closely’ as the likelihood of him becoming Borussia Dortmund’s next €100m sale look more likely.

That’s according to SportBILD, who cover the player’s future today and how Dortmund are planning to make him a team leader next season.

The newspaper explains that the 18-year-old is the ‘world’s most expensive’ player of his age already and has long been ‘priceless’ for Dortmund.

He is the new ‘darling’ of the fanbase and the public, and after the recent 4-1 defeat to Leipzig was the only player to stand in front of the fans and applaud them.

That’s not gone unnoticed, nor have his increasingly impressive performances and the numbers he is posting, registering more sprints and more intense runs than his colleagues regularly.

These are the characteristics of a leader and, alongside his undeniable talent, a reason why the big clubs are also keen on him.

Liverpool have been named as suitors on more than one occasion over the last few months, and SportBILD bring them back into it today, stating that the Reds and Real Madrid are ‘already watching his development closely’.

They’re already aware of his ability and big fans, and it is clear that if the ‘BellingBOOM’ continues, the Dortmund ‘diamond’ will ‘soon’ become the next ‘over €100m deal’ for the German side.

Whether Liverpool or Madrid would pay that remains to be seen, but Bellingham’s price is increasing nonetheless.

In the meantime, Dortmund are planning to make him one of the team leaders next season, and there have even been discussions with his parents about how the summer rebuild at the club should be focused around Bellingham.

They clearly have no plans to let their prized asset go, particularly not on the cheap, and are seemingly planning to make him the key man in the squad moving forwards to further emphasise that point.