That’s it. It’s finally over. Emre Can has chosen to leave Liverpool and join Juventus.

We’ve typed these words before, only for all the Italian press to backtrack in the past, but this time, it really does feel final.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the German midfielder has, after months of making them wait, said yes to the Serie A leaders, needing to sort just a few more details, and he gets a slightly bigger contract than anticipated to boot.

Previously, the figure constantly reported was €5m/year over the next five years, but the Italian newspaper state that’s now €6m/year over the next five years.

That’ll be after tax, naturally.

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Of course, no race can take place without competitors, and Juventus have seen off some big names, like Bayern Munich, who were ‘discreetly monitoring’ the situation, and Paris Saint-Germain, whose offer for the Liverpool midfielder was larger than the Turin club’s.

However, doubts over whether or not he would start every week in France made him choose the Italians.

On top of that, the idea of a renewal in Liverpool was never really an option, considering he ‘doesn’t have any contact with the club or the city anymore’.

Honestly, we hope that’s it, because it’s been going on for too long.