Things are looking up at Liverpool.

The club may not be quite as high in the league as they’d like, and if they miss out on the Champions League there’ll be no trophy again this season, but the general perception of the club appears very positive indeed.

Mo Salah’s continued performances and goals are a reason for joy and even losing Coutinho to Barcelona doesn’t feel like it was a huge setback.

There’s still work to do if Jurgen Klopp’s men are to challenge Manchester City for the title next season, and part of that work is Naby Keita.

Already secured ahead of the summer, Keita seems like just the sort of player Liverpool could do with and his own words make him sound a dedicated professional.

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Speaking to German newspaper Bild, Keita was asked about being friends with Sadio Mane and what the player has told him about Anfield: “I’m still a player at RB Leipzig and I’m only concentrating on that. Liverpool is in the summer, until then I still have goals with Leipzig.”

The midfielder added that he can see Klopp “does a good job” at Liverpool, but it’s some of Keita’s other comments which hint about he’s great attitude.

Asked what he’ll miss about Germany, Keita said things like “punctuality” and “hard work”, of course Klopp will have that very much instilled at Anfield too, but it’s good to hear.

When asked where he most likes to travel around Leipzig, Keita said: “I feel very good at the training centre. I do not feel stressed, sometimes I come three hours before training.”

Preferring spending time at the training ground over doing other things in his spare time? That’s got to be a good thing for Liverpool.