Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker has spoken to Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo about the great time he’s having at the club.

Following a season in which he won the Champions League and many individual prizes, he claims it’s now time to do it all over again.

I’ve completed the game (laughs). Now I have to repeat it. I just didn’t win the awards for best player in general, but for the goalkeeper position,” Alisson told Folha de São Paulo.

Asked if it’s possible for a goalkeeper to be chosen as the best player in the world, Alisson said: “Yes, but it depends on several factors. It’s not just being good on the pitch, it’s also consistency. My main objective, after the collective achievements, is to be the best version of myself, to do better than the past season. Sometimes maintaining a high level is also a step forward.”

Alisson was quizzed about being the best Brazilian goalkeeper in Europe ever, and he claims people must wait a little before insisting that’s the case.

“Can we think about it ten years from now, when I stop playing football (laughs)? As much as I have won all these individual awards, I have a long way to go. If you look at Dida’s record, I won’t even get to his feet. Taffarel was one of the protagonists of our fourth World Cup title, Júlio César has a very successful career and is one of the goalkeepers with more performances for the national team. I can’t put myself next to them at the moment, maybe after retiring.”

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Regarding Liverpool’s great season, Alisson had a very interesting way of describing the team: “I see our team very mature to deal with different circumstances within the same match. Despite being young, it’s an experienced team, with a great desire to win. We tasted the victory by winning the Champions League and we want more. It’s like a shark that smells blood in the water, goes blind and attacks. We developed an instinct within our team. We feel that we can achieve what we want, we have a long road, but we’ll persist in that.”

Speaking of how Jurgen Klopp manages to get the best from each player, Alisson said: “This is due to his simplicity. It’s simple and true. He’s convinced of his work methodology. And when it works, it has credibility. He’s a very fair and correct guy with everyone.”

Alisson also had a chat with the newspaper about how religious he is and how it affects his relationship with other players in Liverpool’s squad. His quotes can be found in another story we wrote today.