Every Monday, Gazzetta dello Sport pick out a European Team of the Week, a selection of players from around the continent’s leagues, ignoring their own Serie A.

We’ve been covering their picks for years and what surprises many football fans is how low Gazzetta rate players. Someone can have what seems an amazing game and yet often the Italian newspaper will struggle to get them over 7.5 or 8.

This is just their way, the gradings are much harder and have to be deserved, and therefore it’s not so often a 9.5/10 pops up. But then it’s not so often a footballer scores four goals in a match and assists a fifth.

Step forward Mo Salah, who has been an absolute revelation for Liverpool this season. Even Jurgen Klopp must be somewhat shellshocked at how consistently amazing Salah has been for the Premier League club during his first campaign back in England.

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Salah got a very rare 9.5 from Gazzetta, whilst his closest rival was Cristiano Ronaldo with 9.

Not only is Salah effective for Liverpool, but he’s an absolute joy to watch, perhaps one of the closest players, in terms of style not level, to Lionel Messi.

On top of that he seems a genuinely nice guy, everything is just falling the way of Mo Salah.