Even though the Colombian national team is full of stars such as Juan Cuadrado, James Rodriguez and Falcao Garcia, it’s inevitable that most of the attention now goes to Luis Diaz.

The winger has been shining since the last Copa America, and following his summer move to Liverpool, where he managed to have a rapid and good adaptation, his country’s spotlight is on him.

So as manager Reinaldo Rueda held a press conference to speak about the squad, he made sure to say Diaz should not carry all that pressure, as he’s not the ‘saviour’ of the Cafeteros.

 “I met with Lucho Díaz to talk about this issue. He is part of the solution, but he’s not the solution. He should not carry that backpack,” said Reinaldo Rueda (via AS).

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“He’s the great reference for what he’s been experiencing since the Copa América that took him from Porto to Liverpool, but he’s part of the national team and not the saviour of the team. We are a group and just as he became important in the case of Argentina and Peru and the Copa América, now he has increased his script.

“His concepts of him in those few weeks that he has been at Liverpool have increased and hopefully he assumes it naturally and that he can bring us all those joys that he shows at his club.”

Following Colombia’s matches against Bolivia and Venezuela, which are the final games of the South American World Cup Qualifiers, Diaz is back to Liverpool to face Watford in the Premier League.

The Reds then face a tough sequence where they have the Champions League clashes against Benfica and, between them, the big game against Manchester City.