Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara ‘would not look unfavourably’ on a return to La Liga with Barcelona, should it be offered to him.

That’s according to Mundo Deportivo journalist Javier Gascón, who covers how the rumours about a return to the Camp Nou have ‘woke up’ the Liverpool midfielder.

Thiago is currently in the best form of his spell at Anfield so far, with two goals in four days and two very impressive performances, a demonstration of what the Reds thought they were getting when they signed him from Bayern Munich.

His return to form has coincided with rumours in the press linking him with a return to Barcelona, where his name ‘came up’ as a possible signing for new manager Xavi.

‘By chance or motivation’, those rumours seem to have sparked something in Thiago, who scored a wonder goal in the win over Porto and then put in a ‘brilliant performance’ against Southampton right after.

It’s the best he’s played for Liverpool so far, and if Barcelona are keen, it’s something that surely hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The idea of a return to the Camp Nou is something that has been floated for years, explains Gascón, but has never happened for one reason or another.

Thiago has ‘never ruled out’ the possibility of it happening and, given he still has a home in the city, ‘would not look unfavourably’ on it happening.

With Xavi on the bench, there is now a manager at the club who he has a ‘common understanding of football’ with, adding further to the possibility of it happening.

Now that is just Gascón’s opinion, and there is no mention from him that it’s on the cards; he’s just taking a tongue in cheek look at how Thiago’s uptick in form has coincided with the rumours.

We’ve recently covered how those rumours have basically appeared from nowhere and gone through the rumour laundering mill to become something far more concrete than they ever were.

In that, we covered how for this to actually gain traction, he would have to be sat on the bench for Liverpool, something which isn’t happening now and won’t change if he maintains his current form.

It means that any talk of a return to Barcelona can be taken with a massive pinch of salt for the time being, although if it does become a thing, he’d apparently be more than open to it.