Ahead of the Premier League clash between Liverpool and Manchester United, the Brazilian media continues to interview several players who will be involved in the match.

This time, Globo Esporte managed to speak to Reds’ goalkeeper Alisson, who’s recently been elected by FIFA as the best in the world in his position.

The 27-year-old made clear how happy he is with the recognition, in an year where he’s won both the Champions League and Copa America.

“When someone asks me, I define it as an honour,” Alisson told Globo Esporte. “I felt very honoured and blessed to have won this individual award, but it comes after the collective.

“It was a very successful year, titles for the club and the national team. So crowning the season with this award really was an honour.”

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Alisson was asked to recall his career a little bit, and says things have happened very fast since he started playing professionally.

“Things happened quickly. I always had this in my head, and to whoever worked with me always said that I wanted to be different. I wanted to start playing early. When I became a starter at Internacional, in my mind it was past my time. I prepared a lot, I was very prepared for all the responsibilities. So I think that’s why I was able to do a good job. Of course some people didn’t trust me, most don’t know the day to day.”

On FIFA’s The Best prize, the Brazilian explained he expected a few more Liverpool players to be included in the XI, and perhaps Virgil van Dijk deserved Lionel Messi’s first position.

“Just like my performances, FIFA’s top XI could have other players from our team. But high-level football is very close. It could have been another (the best in the world). I believe the result is not unfair, of course we were cheering for Van Dijk. Messi had good numbers, great moments in the season, wasn’t so decisive with the national team, but with great moments in the season.”

Alisson, who’s also number one with the national team, leaving Manchester City’s Ederson on the bench, was asked to compare Jurgen Klopp with Brazil manager Tite, and he claims they’re very similar.

“Both coaches, in addition to their ability, intelligence and understanding of football, have a locker room management above normal. That’s why they’re different. Tite is more thoughtful, uses words better. Klopp is more passionate, more explosive in the sense of body expressions during the game. Punches in the air, celebrate (laughs).

“He’s a very smart guy in his statements. Both have a lot of charisma, two high level managers. Klopp deservedly was named the best in the world. Never has a team come in second place in the Premier League with so many points and we still won the Champions League. Our biggest challenge this year is to maintain this level and win the Premier League.”