Roberto Firmino to Juventus appears to have been a short lived drama.

On Wednesday morning there were loud claims from Italy that Liverpool and the Turin club were in advanced negotiations for the Brazilian’s transfer.

Later that day other claims came from Italy which questioned the whole thing. It was stated that whilst the forward was an idea for Juve, nothing was as advanced as claimed, and the whole thing was prompted by the player’s agents trying to find interest.

That’s no surprise, the Rogon agency did similar when Firmino was leaving Hoffenheim, and if a client has even the slightest temptation of a move it’s the agency’s job to find options.

Thursday’s edition of Corriere dello Sport drags everything back.

It’s explained Juventus offered €22.5m, a price they think is fair for a 30-year-old with less than a year left on his current contract.

In response, ‘Liverpool said no’ and have put up a wall to stop their player leaving. Not a literal wall, of course, they’re not imprisoning him, just a high asking price to scare clubs off.

Corriere seem to think that is that and Juventus will instead look at other targets, including Chelsea’s Timo Werner.