On Friday, we covered a story from UOL saying Liverpool were turning Allan’s situation into a ‘soap opera’, as the Reds are taking too long responding to Fluminense’s latest bid for the midfielder.

But perhaps there’s a good reason for the Premier League side to wait. That’s because there are other Brazilian sides who are keen on signing the 22-year-old.

UOL now reports that Atlético Mineiro have made a bid for him as well. They’re using the help of a sponsor to afford a deal, and want to buy 80% of the player’s rights.

This is a similar situation to the one of Fluminense, who first tried to get 50% of Allan, and after having the first offer rejected, they’re now trying 80%. Liverpool aren’t interested in keeping a big percentage of a future sale.

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Previous reports from UOL had claimed that Allan’s wish was to stay at Fluminense, who he played for on a loan deal in 2019, and that would be the reason Atletico Mineiro didn’t get far.

This bid may change the scenario, especially if the offer is bigger.