Mario Balotelli Corriere della Sera July 14thWould you like the good news or the bad news?

Ok, the good news: Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera say that Mario Balotelli could be off to China.

It’s explained that contacts initially made in January can be revived and see the striker go East.

That would bring in a big financial windfall for Liverpool and is perhaps the club’s only chance of getting a reasonable fee for the player.

Now, the bad news: Corriere della Sera say it’s a race against time, because they reckon the Chinese Super League summer window closes tomorrow.

That’s the first we’d heard of that and we’ve tried to find confirmation, but there’s not much information on the Chinese league about.

The Italian newspaper say Liverpool have a day to do a deal, and if they can’t manage that then a different destination will have to be found, or the club will need to wait until the next window.

Maybe all this explains Jurgen Klopp being very clear about Balotelli having no role at Liverpool.