Liverpool have made bid for FC Porto midfielder Otávio, according to claims from Portugal.

Newspaper A Bola reports that the Reds are now offering an amount of €23m plus the transfer of Marko Grujic in exchange for the Brazilian player.

The outlet writes that Porto, who had the Serbian international on loan last season, made it clear they had no intention to mix up the deals.

Still, the Anfield Road side were insistent in doing it.

It’s claimed that the Dragons, ‘as everything indicates’, will keep demanding the price of Otávio’s release clause, which is €40m, and treat Grujic’s case separately.

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As widely reported by local outlets, Otávio’s contract with the Dragons has a line which says his release clause is dropped from €60m to €40m until the end of June, which in other words, means tomorrow.

One report put the date as July 15th, but all others have disagreed.

So newspaper Jornal de Notícias also writes today that Liverpool are the most interested in his signing, but the fact he’s labelled as ‘non negotiable’ makes things a lot harder.

The Reds’ intention was to sign him with this discount. Now it looks like there won’t be enough time for that, and from July on, Porto will demand the full release clause, as it’s not in their interest to lose one of the most important players in their squad.

That’s why the Reds are trying to use Grujic as a counterpart, and if A Bola is to be believed, the negotiations are ongoing.