Rafael Camacho continues to be a big story in the Portuguese media.

For some months, Sporting have been trying to get their former player back, but have struggled to reach an agreement with Liverpool.

Earlier this week there were claims in Germany that a move to Schalke had been agreed. At the very least those claims were premature, with Camacho now in Portugal waiting to see what happens.

He’s currently training at Real Sport Clube in Queluz, in his Liverpool gear, building his fitness ahead of the coming season. The 19 year old is determined to show that this is his time, and wants to make sure he gets lots of minutes next season.

Record took a trip to the training base, and spoke to Camacho’s father Euclides, who also acts as his agent.

The Portuguese newspaper quote him as saying: “Sporting is a good possibility. Rafael played there for eight years. Going back to a club that you know well would be a bit like coming home. He knows the club, people know him and this could be an advantage.”

On other interest in the Liverpool player, Euclides didn’t want to name Schalke, and said: “There’s another great club. We know that they are also following this situation closely. As with the case of Sporting, it would imply the return to Portugal, which is something that we would welcome.”

It sounds like there’s Portuguese competition, as well as from the German club.

Liverpool started negotiations asking for €10m. Record believe they’ll lower that as long as there’s a buyback clause and a 20% sell-on fee.