In January 2022, Liverpool signed Luis Díaz from FC Porto for a deal starting at €45m, and rising to €60m with bonuses.

The Colombia international has excelled under Jürgen Klopp’s orders at the Merseyside club, while there has been a legal dispute around his transfer to Liverpool.

That’s according to Saturday’s O Jogo, who explain that agents have filed a court case against Porto.

It’s claimed agencies Passion Sports Management S.A.S and Global Consulting Agency Ag dealt with the winger’s move from Porto to Liverpool.

These two agencies have now taken legal action against the Portuguese club over ‘unpaid commissions’ involving Díaz’s transfer two years ago.

The report states that as per Citius portal, two legal cases were filed against the Dragons on Thursday.

They further explain that Passion Sports Management S.A.S are demanding a commission of €2.682.144,36, while Global Consulting Agency Ag are claiming €869.243,52.

O Jogo aren’t certain if the latter figure is specifically related to Díaz’s transfer to Liverpool or another deal.

Either way, the two agencies are demanding €3.5m in ‘unpaid commissions’ from Porto, and the court will decide whether or not the Dragons will have to pay them.