When Rafael Camacho scored a hat-trick for Liverpool’s U23s this weekend, he was quick sending a message to some people.

On his Instagram account, the youngster gave the news of his great performance writing “I don’t know whose idea it is, but I will prove that they are mistaken about my football. I’m not a right defender, I’m an attacker who scores goals. This is my DNA. Happy to score 3 goals and help the team in today’s win vs Leicester.”

This is obviously a controversial statement to make at such a big club, so that was enough to get attention from the English media. However, there are quite a few stories about it in Lisbon as well.

Outlet Notícias Ao Minuto reports it with a headline saying ‘Rafael Camacho leaves a warning for Liverpool… and Sporting’, as they recall the links between the Lions and the 18-year-old.

The recent rumours have appeared last week, right after it was reported that Camacho has rejected a new contract with Liverpool. Now the Portuguese media says Sporting will try to sign him again, after having failed to get a loan in the January window.