Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has talked about the Premier League title race with ESPN Brasil this week.

Still confident that the Reds can keep an advantage over Manchester City until the end of the season, despite the recent results, the Brazilian has listed a few reasons to believe the Anfield Road side can still stay on top.

“What can make a difference for us is the commitment we have,” Alisson told ESPN Brasil. “Because the quality is very similar. It will be the detail that will make a difference. So what we can put more into the pitch, we will put. Because we know that to win this title we will have to sweat blood, as we say.”

Asked how it feels to look at the table and see Manchester City above Liverpool, even with an extra game, the goalkeeper claims he didn’t even want to see it yet.

“Well, I have not even looked after City’s last match. Of course that’s a bother, but we have to work with reality. And our reality is not this, we have a game less. And what we have to think is to win the next games we have. And with great determination we will enter the pitch to win every game.”

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ESPN mentioned the season when Liverpool let the Premier League title slip, and asked Alisson if the fans may not be so confident because of that.

“The fan, he’s emotion. We can’t be just emotion. We have to have passion on the pitch, we have to have emotion, but the emotion cannot excel on the pitch. We have to be very rational. And also, in the stadium, the thermometer of the team are the fans. So we do well, I’m sure everyone will be confident.”