Alberto Moreno has been speaking to the Spanish media ahead of Liverpool playing in the Champions League final, and was as frank always.

The Liverpool fullback isn’t shy of saying what he thinks during interviews, and that’s probably why Spanish newspapers like talking to him so often.

Hit by injury at the worst possible time, Moreno found himself outside of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool core after fighting so hard to get in it. Still with hopes of participation against Real Madrid at the weekend, Moreno feels Liverpool are well placed to do well.

Marca asked Moreno which he’d pick, Madrid’s BBC (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano) or Liverpool’s MSF (Mane, Salah, Firmino): “The MSF, without a doubt.”

The Spanish newspaper then put it to Moreno that some compare Firmino with Benzema, to which he said: “Roberto is my weakness. He has a goal, he makes others play and he does a huge job. He is a key player, he does everything and does everything well.”

Asked if he’s suffered much in training against Mohamed Salah, Moreno spat out: “Yes, in the preseason, as soon as I arrived from Roma I had to cover him and I must say that it was quite f****d up, I understand those who have to mark him.”

Should Liverpool manage to beat Real Madrid in Kiev, then Moreno has a plan: “If we win, as soon as I arrive in Seville, I will get a tattoo of the Champions League, but I don’t like to talk beforehand.”

Liverpool have been training in Spain ahead of their trip to Kiev. The Spanish media have been trying their best to spy on Klopp’s planning, but all they’ve come away with are stories about tough security.