After scoring against Watford in the last Premier League fixture, Roberto Firmino has become the Brazilian with most goals for Liverpool, now with 54, having surpassed his former teammate Philippe Coutinho.

The striker was interviewed by ESPN Brasil this week, and claimed he had ‘forgotten’ he could reach this milestone in the last game.

“I had seen this, I think I had seen a few rounds ago, that I could pass them on the goals. But it’s nice, nice.” Firmino told João Castelo Branco from ESPN Brasil.

Asked if he wanted to send Coutinho a message, he said: “The only solution is that he has to come back here to compete. But fortunately he’s good there, he’s happy.”

As many Brazilian players used to complain about the culture and the weather of the North of England, Firmino was asked how did he adapt so well… as he looks pretty happy in Liverpool.

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“Man, I do not know. It’s something of my own. My mentality simply grew. I became very strong mentally. There is no cold, there is no heat. Heat I still feel a little more, but not the cold, I don’t feel much cold. I think that’s more about the psychological side and adapted 100% for having played in Germany. And that’s it.”

Firmino also spoke about the title race against Manchester City. The Liverpool player always looks incredibly shy, and seems like he just wants to get rid of some questions.

“So we all know the quality of the Manchester City team, it’s unbeatable, but we’re always playing well, we’re having a good season and going strong is important. Always get the victories and hope, I do not know, see what’s ahead.”

Maybe Coutinho could parachute in to help? Nah, not happening is it.