Alberto Moreno’s Liverpool contract expires next summer which is why he was linked with Barcelona earlier this week.

The club are looking for a Lucas Digne replacement, a backup, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, partly because they have young players coming through at fullback.

It’s not only Barcelona who would be a potential destination. Estadio Deportivo, a local Seville sport newspaper, are pushing forward a return to Moreno’s former club.

Born in the city, and coming through the ranks at Sevilla, Moreno is one of the players who have a strong connection to the club. This was apparent at the time of his transfer to Liverpool and it was presented as a ‘see you later’ rather than a straight goodbye, as is often the case with the club’s local players.

Estadio Deportivo report that Sevilla have ‘tried several times’ to get Moreno back, on loan, but haven’t had success. Given the one year left of contract, the situation is now different and it’s stated Moreno ‘would be very happy’ with a transfer back to Sevilla.

However, the club don’t really need a left back. Despite that, given it’d be a free transfer, Estadio Deportivo say signing the player from Liverpool is a ‘market opportunity’ which shouldn’t be missed.