The Brazilian press continues to bring news about the future of Allan, who will return to being a Liverpool player at the start of the January.

The midfielder’s loan deal with Fluminense is expiring at the end of December, and there are now a couple of clubs who would like to keep him in Brazil.

Last week, we covered quotes from Fluminense president Mario Bittencourt saying he’s already made a bid for the player and has agreed personal terms with him.

But as reported by Yahoo’s Jorge Nicola at the weekend, São Paulo are also interested in the signing, with a special request from their manager Fernando Diniz, who’s worked with Allan before.

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There’s something more interesting in this story, which hasn’t been reported before. Jorge Nicola says Liverpool have the option of extending Allan’s contract for six more months. So instead of expiring in the next summer, it would run until December 2020.

That’s pretty important, because Brazilian outlets have all been saying the player could sign a pre-contract in January 2020, and that was putting some pressure on the Reds. But in case this information is true, then Jurgen Klopp’s side have a little more time to negotiate.