Philippe Coutinho isn’t having the best time at Barcelona right now, and that’s been the case for the majority of the period since he left Liverpool.

There are countless articles in Spain about the player’s situation, and whilst claims of a transfer are mostly taken from English rumours, if the current low point continues then a solution has to be found.

A big problem seems to be that Barcelona haven’t really known what to do with the player since he arrived. Marketed as a replacement for Andres Iniesta, Coutinho hadn’t really shown at Anfield that he was a carbon copy, and Ernesto Valverde is struggling to get the best out of him.

Not for the first time, there’s a claim in the Catalan media that despite fighting the transfer, Liverpool were actually very pleased with the business done.

It’s explained by Catalan newspaper Sport that in the club’s offices, Liverpool officials ’embraced euphorically’, so happy were they with the transfer fee.

Jurgen Klopp ‘did not shed tears’ because, although he’s a big fan of the player, the German manager didn’t feel the Brazilian pressed enough to be perfect for the system.

Of course, these stories would be the opposite if Coutinho had succeeded since his Liverpool exit.