The Spanish media once again repeatedly linked Liverpool with a move for Rafinha during the summer transfer window. As Barcelona looked to offload players, Rafinha was one of the ones picked out and a destination was needed.

Perhaps more through hope than expectation, Rafinha was repeatedly edged toward Liverpool. Marca claimed Liverpool had ‘asked’ about signing the player, and it was stated Barcelona were looking for around €30m.

In truth, they’d have snapped a club’s hand off for that amount. It’s not that Rafinha isn’t a talented footballer, he’s full of potential and class, but he hasn’t been able to fulfill his promise.

The 24 year old, who has been returning from a knee injury, is now facing even longer out, say Marca, having undergone a meniscus operation.

It’s now two months longer out for Rafinha, and if the claimed Liverpool interest during the summer was correct, then it appears they’ve dodged an injury bullet.

Rafinha needs longer to prove his fitness, and once he’s able to do that, and show signs of his talent again, then Barcelona shouldn’t have too much trouble selling him, if that’s still the aim.