When covering news from Brazil, there’s a couple of reliable journalists who we always give a mention when the stories come from them.

Dassler Marques is one of these guys. He’s built a good reputation writing for UOL for years, especially for his big knowledge around youth football.

When youngsters move to professional football, he’s normally the writer who already knows something about them, and that has always been something different about his work.

Now on Monday night, Dassler has announced that he’s leaving UOL. He’s actually been hired by Liverpool, who will have him as a scout for Brazilian and South American football in general.

Premier League clubs normally have former players, professional scouts or data specialists doing this kind of job, so it’s a very interesting pick from Liverpool.

It’s clear that clubs are now trying to get players directly from Brazil instead of buying Brazilians from European clubs, and that makes a lot of sense.

In the Liverpool squad, for example, Alisson moved from Internacional to Roma for €8m, and then joined the Reds for €62.5m.

Firmino left Tombense for Hoffeinheim for €4m, then moved to Anfield for €41m.

Fabinho was sold by Fluminense to Rio Ave for €510k, and Liverpool bought him this summer for €45m.

So it’s definitely worth having a guy who’ll keep an eye on the Brazilian youngsters.