A huge race for Flamengo youngster Daniel Cabral is reported in Brazil this week.

The news comes from Youtube channel Flazoeiro, who claim 17 clubs have already made an approach for the midfielder.

Liverpool are said to be one of these sides, with some big competition from the Premier League which includes the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United.

The list goes on with other European giants, although it’s made clear they’ve only made initial contacts for now. Meanwhile, the player is said to be focused on playing for Flamengo before leaving the country.

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The main reason for his report is to say that Daniel Cabral could be Flamengo’s biggest sale ever. When they sold Vinícius Junior to Real Madrid for €45m, the euro was a lot lower against the Brazilian real. The report says the club should make more in Brazil even if the midfielder leaves for €30m. His maths are actually wrong, but you get the idea.

We should also make a disclaimer here about Youtubers who make this kind of report, especially with channels dedicated to a specific club. There are several reasons why these videos can be used to raise a player’s value, especially in a youngster’s case.

So before we believe Liverpool will sign Daniel Cabral, it’s best waiting until further sources show up, and there are plenty in Brazil who can do it.