Earlier today we brought you a report that stated Liverpool were set to miss out on money owed to them as part of Philippe Coutinho’s move to Bayern Munich.

The Brazilian is set to leave Barcelona in the coming days, with the Catalan giants having agreed to a deal that will see him head out on loan.

Sport covered the impending move and explained that Liverpool were set to miss out on ‘variables’ that were part of his move to the Nou Camp.

There was no explanation of what those variables were, just that Barcelona were saving themselves money by not having to pay them.

Sport have now updated the story and not only explained what those variables are but how much Liverpool will end up missing out on as a result of his move to Bayern.

They say that the deal that took Coutinho to Barcelona saw them pay €120m upfront with €40m in add-ons. They were due to get €5m once Coutinho played 25 games and then a further €20m for 100 games.

There was also €10m coming their way if Barca qualified for the Champions League twice and then a further €5m if they won it while he was at the club.

Therefore, Barca have paid €135m to date for Coutinho, €120m upfront as well as €15m after him playing 25 games and their Champions League qualifications.

They’ll avoid paying a further €25m, though, as Coutinho won’t reach 100 games and he hasn’t won the Champions League with them either, something Barcelona are probably quite pleased about, and Liverpool will be cursing their luck over.

They probably thought they were onto a long-term winner with the Coutinho deal and the variables they put in shows they, like the rest of us, were more than confident of him being a success at the Camp Nou. Instead, according to Sport, they’re now set to miss out on €25m.