Bild report Liverpool are the ‘hottest favourite’ to sign Thiago Alcantara this summer, in an article which is headlined: ‘Why is Thiago lying?’

Away with the Spanish national team for the Nations League break, the Bayern Munich player was asked about his future a few days ago.

He sat on the fence, and said he’s happy in Bavaria and hasn’t said that he wants to leave the club.

That would contradict everything said by those in charge at Bayern, so Bild automatically assume it’s he, and not they, who are lying.

The real answer could be somewhere in the middle. It’s quite possible Thiago has said he won’t renew, which Bayern have taken as meaning an exit is happening this summer, because they don’t want to lose him on a free move next summer.

Should Thiago show no signs of rushing and makes it clear he’s ready to wait things out, then it puts more pressure on Bayern over price.

Bild believe Thiago’s comments could be motivated by Liverpool not yet making an offer. Interest from Jurgen Klopp’s side has felt overstated at times, but that could change if the price drops.

Manchester United don’t even get a mention this time, and it feels like they were dragged into the rumour for added drama.

Should the Spaniard be pushing to get his price down, and dangling a free 2021 exit as a reminder for Bayern, this could get distasteful.

Especially with Bild already calling him a liar.