Over the weekend, like over most weekends, there were further claims in the Italian media on Emre Can and his potential Liverpool exit.

Juventus have been linked in the Italian media for some months, and with Can’s Liverpool contract expiring in June, the whole thing has some weight behind it.

Corriere dello Sport report that whilst Juventus have a plan to get Can in the summer, the ‘dream’ would be to secure a January transfer. A proposal has already been made to Can’s entourage regarding payments over a free transfer, but that doesn’t stop the Juve desire for January instead.

From a Turin perspective it’s hoped Liverpool would accept a ‘small sum’ for a winter transfer, therefore allowing Juventus to avoid any possible ‘auction’ ahead of Can’s contract expiring.

This doesn’t sound hugely tempting for Liverpool, and Corriere dello Sport concede there’s been no signal from Jurgen Klopp or Liverpool that they’d be up for such a scenario.

Perhaps if that ‘small sum’ is instead a ‘rather big sum considering Can’s contract is expiring’ then things could change.

Getting €10-20m for Can in January may make sense to Liverpool’s money men, but it’d surely have to make sense to Klopp as well.