Daniel Sturridge to Inter is apparently a thing these days, falling in the category of transfer rumours no one expected, much like Theo Walcott to AC Milan.

Similarly the Arsenal forward, it appears the Liverpool striker has ‘offered himself’ to the Italian side, as he looks to get first-team football ahead of the World Cup in the summer, and apparently reckons being a backup to Mauro Icardi, the immovable object in the Serie A side, is a good idea.

Either way, it’s a story that’s floating around, and Corriere dello Sport have a bit more information on it, explaining that Sturridge would like a loan, which is something Liverpool aren’t interested in.

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While a temporary deal would suit Inter down to a T, as it saves them money, the Italian newspaper explain the only way Liverpool will let the England international go is via a full transfer.

A bit like Manchester United’s stance regarding Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

We’ll wait a bit before making our mind up on this one, as Joe Hart’s Torino loan worked out quite well for the England goalkeeper, but there’s not a lot in it just yet.