Portuguese newspaper Record have interviewed Liverpool development coach Vítor Matos.

The 31-year-old joined the Reds in a move from Porto in 2019, and ended up having quite a successful first year at Anfield Road, as they won the Premier League.

“It was a fantastic year, I’m proud and grateful, but I also feel more responsibility,” Vitor Matos told Record.

“I learned a lot and had several remarkable moments. When we are in a structure like Liverpool, it’s important to understand and respect our space and try to help in the best way. I think I was successful and that I managed to evolve.”

With the season being paused due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Matos explained they were afraid it would be cancelled.

“This shadow has always existed, but from the first day that the club, the Premier League and the government sought to find a solution for the competition to be ended.”

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With the Reds taking three decades to win the league, Matos was asked if there was any secret among Jurgen Klopp’s staff for them to finally lift the trophy. He credits it all to players and staff.

“There was no secret, we just looked for consistency and commitment to what our game principles are. This is mixed with fantastic players who understand the soul and heart of the club. When the talent accepts to be part of a collective game or when the three players in front accept that they have to defend, they are closer to success. In addition, we were organised and had excellent staff.”

Regarding the Champions League campaign, Matos talked about the elimination to Atletico Madrid, claiming there was an ’emotional stress’ among Liverpool players.

“Atlético are a team that feels good about having 11 players in 20 metres. This, coupled with the fact that they won 1-0 in the first leg, put them at an advantage. We tried to attack the tie in a balanced way, but as time went by, it generated emotional stress for the players. We had an excellent commitment, but we could’ve scored the second goal in 90 minutes and avoided extra time.”

Matos was finally asked if he plans to become a manager soon. Even though he tried to dodge the question for now, he didn’t hide his wish.

“Right now, what worries me is Liverpool. It’s amazing to be able to live with people like Jürgen and Pepijn, I’m fulfilled and motivated. We never know what will come next, but I believe it will happen. I don’t know when it will be, but I’m not worried about it.”