It’s safe to say Mario Gotze’s future will be one of the biggest talking points in Germany over the next few days.

Yesterday, German newspaper Bild had an article on his future claiming the player has two options – Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund.

The article was very brief, and we also pointed out that it was a bit surprising there was no mention of Liverpool at all.

SportBild published their own article just a few hours later, and this time it appears they’ve gathered more information.

According to SportBild‘s latest report, Liverpool could still be an option for Gotze, and a move to the Merseyside club could be the best option for him in the Premier League.

It is reported Gotze has already visited Melwood, and had a chat with Jurgen Klopp, before the Euros, but didn’t want to leave Bayern at that time.

SportBild believe Klopp is still looking for attacking reinforcements, and could knock on Gotze’s door again.

Arsenal have also been thrown into the mix, with SportBild suggesting Arsene Wenger has been a fan for a while. This bit sounds like total speculation.

SportBild have calculated ‘Gotze Factor’, with Liverpool scoring 75%, Tottenham 65%, and Arsenal 70%, but his former club, Borussia Dortmund, have been given an 80% score.

The German newspaper believe Dortmund will do everything to sign him.

At the moment, SportBild don’t appear to be sure of it themselves. Their latest article seems to be some good guess work, and we should wait for more concrete reports.