Since Jose Mourinho arrived at Tottenham and promptly snatched two coaches away from Lille, the Premier League club have been linked with Luis Campos.

Mourinho had spent some time watching training at the French side after his dismissal from Manchester United, and the connection had been his long term association with Campos.

The pair worked together at Real Madrid and kept a relationship going since then.

Campos doesn’t have an official role at Lille, but instead acts as an advisor to the club’s owner Gerard Lopez. He’s been credited with the French side’s good transfer work in recent years, and that led to claims of interest from elsewhere, including Manchester United when Mourinho was at Old Trafford.

The train moved to Tottenham with Jose, with various reports and insinuations popping up in both the French and English media.

L’Equipe today name Campos the 14th most influential person in French football, and they point out he’s been linked with Spurs.

The man himself is then quoted and appears to dismiss the idea of leaving Lille anytime soon: “My relationship with Gerard (Lopez) changes the scenario. I am an advisor but we have a relationship that goes beyond the professional framework and spans the border of friendship. On the other hand, I think that LOSC has enormous potential to become even more competitive in France and in Europe. It makes me want to be even more active to achieve this, to bring positive vibes to take advantage of the extraordinary assets of this club with its city, its economy, its stadium, its training centre and its geographical position.”

That sounds like that then.