Earlier today, we’ve covered parts from Willian’s interview with ESPN Brasil in which. he claimed that David Luiz is going bald. (You can read that here)

He was asked to compare his style with his Arsenal teammate, and said the defender has been trying to hide that he’s losing his hair.

It was a relaxed chat he had with reporter Edu de Menezes, and several other teammates came up… including a very famous one at Chelsea.

They talked a little about Eden Hazard, who’s always had a great relationship with Brazilians and was always involved in their jokes in the Stamford Bridge dressing room.

So Willian revealed that they’d make fun of him for not being in top shape, as he used to eat a lot more than others at Chelsea.

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“He liked to eat a lot, then we’d play with him. He’d sit and sometimes his tummy would appear, and we would be joking,”Willian told ESPN Brasil.

“We’d look at him like that, at his tummy, then he’d say ‘stop looking’. He always took it sportingly, always played.”

At the end of the interview, Willian was asked to pick a question for himself. The Arsenal player decided he wanted to reveal his football idol, and like many Brazilians of his age he chose Ronaldinho.