Flavio Briatore took over Queens Park Rangers in 2007 along with Bernie Ecclestone.

The pair were later joined by Lakshmi Mittal, with Briatore acting as QPR chairman.

Following a ban from the FIA, the Italian entrepreneur was investigated by the FA in 2009, which led to him resigning his role in February 2010.

Since then, he’s spoken several times about how football can be a great waste of money for those investing in it.

Speaking to Italian radio on Monday about the current problems at AC Milan, Briatore has been quoted by Corriere dello Sport as saying: “One thing is certain, and I speak from personal experience: in 90% of cases if you are rich and want to become much less rich, you buy a football team, like I did with Queens Park Rangers.”

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Since his time in English football, the 69 has repeatedly been invited to return to the game, usually in Italy. There will be clubs who know Briatore’s love for the game, and the money he has available, who want to take a chunk of it via investment.

After his experience at QPR, and more notably after the money he says he lost at the club, he hasn’t had the desire to get involved in the game again: “Every day in Italy, someone asks me to do something in the world of football. Already there are some good ones in Italy, and they do the job: Cellino, the Pozzo family, they are all professionals, even De Laurentiis is another very good owner.”