Stefano Okaka moved to Watford in 2016 from Anderlecht and wasn’t quite able to have the impact which had been hoped.

In the January transfer window he switched to Udinese, also owned by the Pozzo family, on loan for the rest of the season. Fans of the club didn’t exactly welcome him like a hero and he’s already made it clear he could return to the Hornets in the summer market.

In his first match for the Italian club he managed to scored a goal but still saw Udinese lose 2-1 to Parma.

Now something has really irritated him.

Daniele Gastaldello played with Okaka at Sampdoria, and speaking to the Italian media this week he told a story about an altercation the Watford owned player had with manager Sinisa Mihajlovic.

According to Gastaldello, Okaka annoyed Mihajlovic so much that the manager lifted him off his feet and carried him out of the dressing room, and not in a friendly way.

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The 29 year old is fuming at the story, because he insists it never happened.

Speaking to Tuttomercatoweb, Okaka explained: “There is nothing true in the words of Gastaldello, they are all lies, in fact, they are all bull**** and the 25-26 people who were present at that time can confirm my version of the facts.

“I am 1.9m and weigh 90kg, no one has ever lifted me because I would not allow it. What happened? For me what happened is inside the locker room and Gastaldello should just apologise. The following day with Mihajlovic we met, my brother was also present, and the coach paid for my dinner.”